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Management Services

Renting out an investment property in a populous location like New York seems complicated. You want to find responsible tenants, but you also want a reasonable return on your investments.

At Zen Management Group, we have experience with the management of investment properties. Our portfolio has given us a chance to learn about the rental market in the New York City area and start identifying the challenges of working with local residents.

We take your concerns seriously and provide management services based on your needs and situation. Our team provides an online system to help you stay up-to-date with your investment properties and the status of the property. We collect the rent and any late fees on the property to simplify your return on the investment.
Allow our team to handle the emergencies or problems that may occur. We allow tenants to report problems through the online system and then quickly handle the situation with appropriate repairs.

Let us manage the paperwork and send the appropriate documents for your records. We run a background and credit check on every potential tenant before they move into your property. Our team also markets the property to limit the duration of vacancies.